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Answers to your burning questions on public speaking

CEOs sit in a lot of meetings hence start by giving him the big picture (why are we having this presentation) in order to refresh his memory. And then proceed to reveal the purpose of this presentation (what you plan to achieve) and your approach (how to achieve). If there is a decision for your CEO to make, be sure to state it upfront. Ensure your points are succinct and also back up your claims with evide ...

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Eight keys to unlock your personal charisma

Have you ever admired successful people who seem to have it all? They secure the best jobs, build the most profitable businesses, earn the biggest paychecks and date the most attractive people. However, here’s the irony – many of them may not be smarter, more educated, or better looking than you! Decades of psychological studies have shown that what truly sets them apart is their personal charisma. But what ...

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How to win over the secretaries and executive assistants

Let’s face it, having the big boss’s name card and a well-thought out strategy of what to say if you get them on the phone does not mean a thing if you cannot even get them on the phone. And the reason is usually because you have to first get past their army of defensive secretaries and executive assistants. So how exactly do you get to the boss? First, you got to make the secretary or executive assistant y ...

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The art of small talk

Small talk is greatly underrated. Most will think that it is superficial and insignificant. However, small talk is in reality the most important talk that you will ever make with a person because it determines the depth of relationship you can build with him or her. As Dr Beh, Managing Director of EDB, wisely pointed out, "the ability to start and carry on conversations with corporate heads and industry lea ...

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Overcoming speech anxiety

It never is an ideal situation to be stuck with any kind of social phobia, in this case speech anxiety. It cripples and limits. That is why there is a need to undertake some measures to overcome this anxiety. What are the ways in which one can overcome this phobia? Be Thorough in your Preparation Understand the topic at hand completely. Find out all there is to find out about it. That way, if there is any d ...

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Understanding human personality

Did you know that there human personality can be divided into 5 categories? In psychology, the Big Five personality traits are five broad domains or dimensions of personality that are used to describe human personality. The Big Five framework of personality traits from Costa & McCrae, 1992 emerged as a robust model for understanding the relationship between personality and various academic behaviors. Th ...

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Leaders don’t succeed by chance

Successful leadership doesn't simply happen, nor can it always be directly planned or hoped for. Success comes from effective planning, full needs analysis, a dedication to training, learning and knowledge, and developing the wisdom and self - confidence to take proper steps in a timely, well prepared manner. The legendary and undoubtedly successful baseball manager Sparky Anderson explain it this way, "Suc ...

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