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CULTIVATING A POSITIVE AND DYNAMIC WORKPLACE TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY We interact with people every day of our lives - continually creating and developing relationships with the people we know and meet. Through these interactions, we gain knowledge, experience and understanding on different levels about the people in our lives, and these affects the way we deal with them. At work, your success is largely me ...

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UNLOCKING & EMPOWERING THE LEADER IN YOU You may be a good leader. However reality says that if you are happy at being good, you will never become great. The biggest enemy of greatness is goodness. It’s really not that much harder to be great than being good. Lead & Inspire focuses on leading for results and impact, moving your organization to the next level, from being good to being great. Lead & Inspi ...

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THE SECRET TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Have you ever admired successful people who seem to have it all? They are constantly and effortlessly outperforming the rest in their field. They attract the most generous people, earn the biggest profits and build the most successful businesses. However, here’s the irony – many of them may not be smarter than you, more educated than you or even better looking than you! ...

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ENHANCING YOUR IMAGE THROUGH STYLE IMAGERYIn business interactions, impressions, non-verbal cues and how you carry yourself are crucial, as they play a major factor in determining a person’s decision about you. During this one-day Style to Influence programme, you will learn how to give yourself a professional business makeover to increase your confidence and presence. You will be given powerful and easy-to ...

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SHAPING BUSINESS LEADERS OF THE FUTUREIn his book ‘World Class Leaders’, James Autry writes “Leadership is about creating an environment that fosters a sense of community that helps people to love their work instead of doing their job, which when done honestly creates trust and enhances creativity.” A Leader's Roadmap is a 2-day leadership programme which examines the most desirable aspects of leadership, p ...

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CREATIVE THINKING IN INSTANT PROBLEM SOLVING As individuals, managing facts and knowledge can only go so far. Analyzing data leading to solid proposals requires the ability to define the individual’s thinking modalities, flesh out the true problem through brain-storming sessions, analyze the possible causes, create and propose the most feasible option for possible implementation. This Imagine Possibilities ...

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ENGAGE, MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE Based on Eric's bestselling book Get To The Point®, this signature programme has been wildly popular among corporations across Asia, especially in the healthcare, banking, financial services and government sectors. Till date, Eric has trained more than 3,500 executives and managers in this program. He has also been interviewed on national TV (Prime Time Morning, Good Morning Sin ...

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LIFE-LONG STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATIONS Negotiate To Your Advantage will guide you from knowing what you want to planning strategy to achieve it; knowing what your counterparts want, how and when to change strategies and styles if the negotiation isn’t working. Negotiation takes place in every activity we do. Leader - Member, Vendor - Customer, Parent - Child, we all negotiate in one way or another ...

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DRIVING VISIONS. INSPIRING ENTHUSIASM. MOTIVATNG CHANGE. Developing excellent skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. A leader must be able to get his message across clearly, generate enthusiasm and commitment, and motivate others to act on it. The Essence of Leadership is a 4-day pr ...

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