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Leaving an Imprint

leaving-an-imprintKnowledge Dimension’s programmes make a positive impact on the participants. However, we intend to carry it further. We want to ensure that what they have learnt is imprinted in their minds. By leaving an imprint, our participants can change permanently, for the better.

Programmes which effectively leaving an imprint

To effectively leave an imprint, we created a support system for our participants. Our support system consists of a variety of elements. One of them is our Meet & Inspire sessions. During these sessions, we ask our past participants to come back to meet the speakers – the same speakers who have motivated them to change for the better.

By meeting the speakers, participants are able to relive their experiences of the programme(s) they attended. These Meet & Inspire sessions also allow them to discuss issues that arise when they apply what they have learnt. It is this two-way communication which ensures participants have the confidence to pursue the positive changes that they have learnt.

Our support system obtains feedback from the participants. Through feedback from our participants, we enhance the elements of our system so that participants are assured that Knowledge Dimension will always be their guiding companion.

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