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Our Approach

It is so often that corporate training becomes an excuse to leave from everyday jobs. At Knowledge Dimension, we are looking to put that excuse into good use.

Knowledge Dimension’s IMPACT & IMPRINT Approach

Knowledge Dimension’s approach towards corporate training and organizational development is elegantly simple. We want to create a positive change, and we want that change to be applied. To do that, we focus on Knowledge Dimension’s IMPACT & IMPRINT two-tier approach.

1. Making an IMPACT

We want out programmes to make an impact – we want our programmes to inform, motivate and inspire the participants. At the end of our program, our participants must be able to answer one basic question – what have I learnt from this program?

To do that, our focus is to bring in international speakers who are able to be make an effectual change.  We are adamant that our speakers must be good at what they do, and not merely empty vessels who ride on a marketing hype.

2. Leaving an IMPRINT

As important it is to make a change, it is equally crucial that that change becomes a permanent fixture for our participants. We want them to be able apply what they have learnt beyond the programme, and into their everyday lives so that they become better individuals.

One of our main method to leave an imprint on our participants is through our Meet & Inspire sessions. These sessions act as refresher courses, and they are free! Our aim is to encourage participants to relive what they have learnt from the programmes that they have attended, and ensure that they continue to apply what they have learnt.

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