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Knowledge Dimension applies a dynamic 4-step approach as the framework to ensure that we deliver the right training solution for the current demands of the international workplace.

Step 1: Analyse Competency Gaps
Before any training programs are delivered, our subject matter experts evaluate the current issues affecting businesses today. Our evaluation encompasses a wide range of angles such as communications issues, management and leadership, personal development and creative thinking.

Step 2: Set Training Goals
When a competency gap is found, training goals can then be affirmed. At Knowledge Dimension, we create and provide solutions where success is measurable and that the expected corporate benefit is delivered.

Step 3: Choose Delivery Method
WIth a comprehensive training solution at hand, we will facilitate delivery of the course through the most effective learning method which can best align to your organisation’s specific needs.

Step 4: Measure Success
Throughout the training engagement, all participants are regularly polled to confirm the curriculum and materials are real-world appropriate and contribute to immediate application.

Training is a critical part of an organisation’s performance development initiatives. With our 4-step approach, we are committed in delivering industry relevant programmes.

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